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Slider Shower Enclosure

Sliding shower enclosures offer a more roomy showering experience. Create a sumptious new showering space or replace a bath for a more minimal or practical bathing solution that is easy to access. Our sliding doors feature smoothing running mechanisms for ease of closure. Runners feature clever sprung mechanisms which allow you to easily gain access to the running track for easy cleaning. Sliding doors will not impose into your bathroom space therefore avoiding exisiting bathroom fittings in more compact rooms. Remember to consider additional details such as treated glass to prevent limescale keeping your glass gleaming and feature handles to compliment other bathroom fittings. We have oblong shower trays available which are ideal for this range of sliding showers.

Slider Showers From 1000mm up to 1700mm

If you wish to have a large shower enclosure then an option of an enclosure with a sliding shower door or a walk in shower will be the perfect option. Our shower trays come in lengths of 1000, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm & 1700mm. Sliding doors have come such a long way in the technology behind the rollers which is why we can give long guarantees on all of our shower doors.