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Create your dream shower with our range of versatile shower heads valves and combination sets.  Whether you have a boiler system low pressure or need an electric shower for some extra output choose from our exciting and versatile range. We offer built-in shower valves and exposed shower valves. Shower rails for adjustability and fixed shower heads to create an indulgent showering experience. From the ultra modern to more traditional and period styles we have a huge choice to offer.

How do I choose the right shower?

Make sure you know whether you have low (LP) or high (HP) water pressure. Mains run or hot water tank (gravity fed) systems are generally low pressure. Buying a shower suitable for low pressure will improve your showering experience. Unvented systems and combi boilers are high pressure choose a shower and valve that are suitable. Always ask your plumber if you are unsure.
Twin valves have separate controls for water temperature and flow. Your installer will be required to recess it into your wall. Always ensure this is possible. Triple shower valves are also recessed in the same manner. They also have a diverter. When two shower heads are installed (fixed and slide rail kit or body jets) they can be operated simultaneously or independantly of each other. Bar valves have seperate controls usually at opposing ends. These allow operation of temperature and flow. Bar valves are surface mounted. They are not built into the wall.

Electric showers heat the water as it is used independently of any heating system. Again it is important that you know your water pressure. Some electric showers are specifically designed to work with low water pressure. Electric cable size is important. This needs to support your showers KW seek the advice of you plumber if you are unsure.