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Shower Trays - Huge Range

Shower Trays

It is amazing what a big difference the right tray can make to your shower enclosure or bathroom design. All of our shower trays are made from a stone resin mix and are acrylic capped to provide a strong and durable finish.
As all bathrooms are different shapes and sizes, our bases are designed to match with square, rectangle and quadrant styles. We know how important quality is to an outstanding bathroom so all the shower bases we sell are made right here in Yorkshire, UK by Just Trays.

We have a massive range of sizes which range from 700mm x 700mm up to 1700mm x 800mm and we have them all in stock. All of these products come with a 25 year guarantee to certify the outstanding quality.
We have a brilliant range of low profile shower trays in just about every size available which are carried in stock. The height of these trays are 40 - 45mm high and have a super FAST flow waste av
ailable to ensure water can be sucked away quickly.

Easy Plumb Legs on Trays

All of our shower trays are available with riser legs. Riser are legs are great if you need to fit the tray on an area which is not able to house the waste and trap under floor level. An example of this would be a concrete floor or a wooden floor which has objects that would restrict pipework from being placed their.
Joists can get in the way of piping and if this is the case a tray on legs is perfect.
When you purchase a leg riser kit you will also receive a plinth which will hide the underneath of the tray.