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Rectangle Shower Trays

Rectangular shower trays are excellent trays if you have the option to have a larger shower enclosure or walk in shower in your bathroom. We have a range of over 20 sizes to choose from depending on the size and enclosure that you want. Our sizes range from 800mm x 700mm up to 1700mm x 800mm which make ideal bath replacements.  If you want to create a walk in shower we can supply a range of glass shower panels in a range of sizes to form a unique walk in shower or we can supply a range of shower doors if you want to install your base into a recess. All trays have a fantastic guarantee and they are all compatible with our full range of rectangle enclosures and doors.

Shower Trays ranging from 800mm to 1700mm

You might. If the shower base is to be fitted onto a concrete floor or onto a wooden floor where joists restrict how the pipework can be placed. You might also need a raised shower tray if it is to be fitted a distance away from the soakaway pipe.This is so there is plenty of fall so that the water can drain away properly. These are the 3 main reasons to go for a riser tray, but check with your plumber to check out all options. You have every size you will need right here, with unusual sizes such as 1300 and 1500mm available.

What to Look for in a Shower Tray

Your shower tray is your foundation for your recess shower door or enclosure. Look for a manufacturer that is long established and recognised in their field. Choose a manufacturer that is confident in giving a long guarantee. This showers they are confident in their products. Quality materials count. Many installers prefer a stone resin/resin composite tray for peace of mind that ones installed it is there for life. Many of these types of shower trays now use ingenious techniques to retain strength yet reduce weight making the shower tray much easier to lift into situe. Acrylic capping is deemed to be the most suitable finish to a shower tray. This is because it is strong durable hygenic and easy to clean and maintain.