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About WD Bathrooms

If you're redecorating your bathroom, or just want to replace your battered old tub, we can help. But there are countless other online bathroom retailers out there, too – so why should you choose us? Well, we like to think it's because we actually care...


Quality, affordable, fast (but we have to say that, don't we?)

Let's get this out of the way first: we sell high quality products. They're reasonably priced. And they're delivered quickly. But all bathroom retailers can brag about that. So let's move on to the things that really matter, shall we?


We care about our customers (that's you!)

We're pretty sure that not all bathroom retailers can brag about this. Our goal has always been to run a business that we would want to buy from ourselves. So naturally, top notch customer service is at the heart of this. It's why we offer a 21-day no quibbles return policy on everything we sell. It's why we train our employees to actually listen to our customers' needs and to help out however they can. And it's why our customers keep coming back. (Love you guys!)


We care about our employees

The thing a lot of business owners don't seem to realise is that it's your employees who make your business what it is. Without reliable, good-natured employees who care about their jobs, you probably won't do very well. So we take good care of our staff, because let's face it: if they didn't like us, they wouldn't care if they did a shoddy job!


We care about our local community

We firmly believe that businesses should give something back, so we strive to make an active contribution to our local community and charities. As well as traditional donations, we support local charities with non-financial help such as the use of our van to help homeless people.


We're a small team

And to be honest, we're not interested in growing our business to international heights. Because staying small means we can make sure everything's done properly. We sleep easy in the knowledge that our service is good, that our staff are well looked after, and that our customers are happy.

In short: we're not just another business out to make as much money as possible. We're a business out to make as much difference as possible, with the added bonus of making a living while we're at it.


How it all started...

We're Mark, Ray and Lynne, and our business began life as a conversation down the pub one Friday night, after yet another stressful week in our corporate (Ray and Lynne) and manufacturing (Mark) jobs.

We started our selling shower trays on eBay, way back in 2003. Not the most glamorous of beginnings, but it was enough to get us excited about taking things further (and about the prospect of leaving our jobs behind!).

So we started to think bigger. But one thing we didn't consider... was just how much space baths take up! Fortunately, good old Uncle Reg lived on a farm nearby, and he let us store our products in his barn. For future reference: delivery men + geese = not a good mix. (Unless by “good mix,” you mean “hilarious for onlookers,” in which case that's exactly what it is.)

We made our 1000th sale in October 2004, and by then we knew it was time to move on – we needed more space! Early in 2005, we moved to a proper warehouse in Sheffield. We may have left a squashed rhubarb patch in our wake, but there are no reliable witnesses, so we plead the fifth.


By early 2008, we'd made well over 10,000 sales, and it was time to move on again, this time to our current location – we have a showroom and everything* now!

Mark Wilson

Mark's the guy in charge of quality control and the delivery process, and has been since WD Bathrooms' days of yore. Also known as “about ten years ago.”When he's not making sure the right bathroom kit is sent to the right person, you can find him scoffing home-made sausage sarnies and mountain biking. Not simultaneously. (Usually.)

Lynne Wilson

Lynne keeps the office in check. (Well, somebody's got to.) She makes sure all customers receive the best possible service, and that everybody gets paid on time.
Active is probably the best word to describe Lynne. We're talking netball, kick-boxing, travelling, and traipsing around in all weather after her two border collies.

Ray Dobson

Ray's responsible for making sure the website doesn't collapse in on itself (it hasn't so far – good job, buddy!), although  this does mean he sometimes forgets to sleep. Ray's a big supporter of saving energy and doing his part for the planet, and on occasion he can be found playing a pretty poor game of squash. But it keeps him happy.


* Please note: we don't actually have everything, although we welcome gifts of all shapes and sizes. If anybody happens to have a spare Audi TT lying around, we're listening.