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Coloured Shower Trays

These stunning coloured shower trays take inspiration from natural colours that influence our lives. The lustre of the solid surface picks out the colouration giving something unique to your bathroom. The finish is stunning and highly desirable. Note that the name's of the finished products are not black or grey etc. This is because in nature colours tend not to be solid block colours but varients that tone and mingle to give a stunning highlight. Our range includes the full selection of JT natural products.

These solid trays are made from the strongest finest material to ensure not only design perfection but also a product that is easy to clean, will retain it's looks and give many years of durable and reliable service.

Why choose a coloured shower tray?

These shower trays offer something a little different use to tone or contrast with tiles and fittings for ultimate styling. Solid stone resin and therefore made to last.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Shower Tray

Your shower tray is your foundation. Look for a manufacturer that is long established and recognised in their field. Choose a manufacturer that is confident in giving a long guarantee. This showers they are confident in their products. Quality materials count. Many installers prefer a stone resin/resin composite tray for peace of mind that ones installed it is there for life. Many of these types of shower trays now use ingenious techniques to retain strength yet reduce weight making the shower tray much easier to lift into situe. Acrylic capping is deemed to be the most suitable finish to a shower tray. This is because it is strong durable hygenic and easy to clean and maintain.