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Whirlpool Baths & Air Spa

Relax, rejuvenate and feel invigorated...

Whirlpool baths

Whirlpool baths and air spa baths have many benefits which can aid aching muscles and create a relaxing moment at the end of a hard days work. You can choose from a number of jets and settings to suit your personal preference. The powerful jets will massage your body helping muscles to relax and unwind. Adding a whirlpool bath to your bathroom renovation can bring an element of luxury. With built-in kinetic lights you can help create a sanctuary in your home.

There are a range of sizes and styles to choose from so there is sure to be a bath to suit your installation. These affordable and stylish spa baths can transform any bathroom design into a retreat to be proud of. 

Look and feel younger and indulge yourself as much as you want in these super aqua whirlpool baths. Your well-being is important! One of the best benefits of hydrotherapy massaging at home is pampering. How many things do you enjoy that are great for you? Well this is one of them, let your body recover and take a break from the stresses of daily life.  Hydrotherapy massage can boost your immune system, give pain relief, increase your blood circulation and help you prepare for a better sleep.

Whirlpool baths - the ultimate 5-star bathing experience:

Whirlpool Baths have water jets around the side of the bath which powerfully circulate and pump the water through the jets back into the bath giving a fabulous relaxing massage. Our whirlpool baths have either 11 or 6 jets (depending on how relaxed you want to get) and they are placed strategically around the side of the bath to ensure you feel the benefit of the strong water streams hitting the right spots. The side water jets work by a pump circulating the water already inside the bath in and out of the chrome jets. The jets are placed lower than where the water line would be, ensuring not only in the perfect position but also creating a peaceful environment by creating beautiful bubbles and water movement.

Relax and unwind in comfort and luxury with Airspa (Airpool) baths:
Airspa baths have powerful air jets strategically placed at the bottom of the bath which are sure to hit the bodily parts most needed to be relaxed.  All of our air jetted baths come with 12 chrome jets fitted to ensure comfort and relaxation. This jets work by the pump compressing air and pushing this air up through the jets based at the bottom of the bath.

Experience total relaxation with dual Whirlpool & Airspa baths:
If you opt for a bath that has both water jets around the side and 12 airjets on the bath base then you will never want another bath again without them switched on! The powerful jets will give your whole body the perfect relaxing time that it deserves. Both whirlpool and airspa baths individually give a you a reason for a great nights sleep, but couple these together and you will be in relaxation heaven.

Switch off stress and switch on calm - with underwater lights:

Optional LED Lights and chromotherapy lights are available with all of our baths. The LED lights can be switched off or on whilst watching the bubbles, whilst choosing the option of a chromotherapy light will create an ambience of calm as the light slowly transforms itself throughout varying different colours. Turning off the main bathroom light and simply using the underwater bath lights will make your bath seem like a dream.

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