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Baths - Including Whirlpool & Shower Baths

Baths - Airspa | Whirlpools | Acrylic

Our baths our places in which to refresh, relax and rejuvenate yourself. We can supply a large range of shower, corner and whirlpool tubs. They all have a durable acrylic coating to ensure you can relax in your bath with ease, and they come in range of sizes so we can find a bath to suit your requirements from 1490mm x 730mm in our freestanding range up to 1800mm x 800mm in our double ended range. If you can't find the size you require don't hesitate to call our sales team who can find the size you need. We have stunning bath screens that will instantly transform your bath into an excellent shower area. All our baths can be fitted with a range of taps from bath shower mixers to fillers or why not have some freestanding standpipes for a truly extravagant look. Our double ended baths allow you to lie at either end of the bath and it is big enough for two people to bathe in with ease. If you have a smaller bathroom then take a look at our selection - we have something for everyone. Our baths are primarily designed and built with the UK and come with fantastic manufacturer guarantees and aftersales.