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Bathroom Taps

Even small items like taps can transform an ordinary bathroom into something chic and luxurious. Attention to detail makes a big difference to bathroom design and our range of traditional and contemporary bathroom taps can revamp an existing bath or basin or add the finishing touch to a new bathroom suite. We have every style to choose from: mono, two-hole, wall mounted designs - and matching showers and shower valves to finish the look throughout your bathroom suite. Mono basin taps come supplied with their own basin waste which saves money, and the design range suits every bathroom style - from lever handle taps, to cross head taps. WD Bathrooms products come from the UK's best manufacturers including Hudson Reed and Home of Ultra and all have 10 and 20 year guarantees. 

Bathroom Taps - What you need to know

A good quality taps should be of a solid build and easy to control. Our taps are brass bodied so are reliable and dependable. The taps have ceramic disc technology. This means no rubber washers which perish and cause drips. Ceramic disc also means ease of use. A mere 1/4 turns ensures taps are switched on or off. A disc with ceramic disc technology is designed for optimum performance. They may only seem like a tiny detail but almost everything you do in your bathroom involves turning on a tap from washing hands, to cleaning teeth, to running the bath, and even cleaning.

The right choice of tap can make a big difference to how you use and enjoy your bathroom, whether you are installing a new bathroom or reviving an existing bathroom suite. There are a vast array of shapes and styles to choose from which can make it one of the more difficult buying decisions but here are a few things to consider which might help to narrow down your choice:

Classic or modern

Attention to detail is essential in bathroom design so choose taps that fit in with your chosen style.

  • Traditional taps are an elegant and stylish way to add character to your bathroom and realistic replicas of hand-crafted designs are perfect for a classic or vintage bathroom theme
  • If your taste is more contemporary, sharp and sleek tap designs can set off a modern or minimalist bathroom or wet room

Single or Mixer

When you buy your bathroom suite, the sink basin and bath will have fittings for either one tap or two.

  • Two taps mean a separate hot and cold tap faucet
  • One tap is a mixer tap, often with a lever mechanism to switch between temperatures

Remember that if you are replacing taps on an existing bathroom suite you can change the appearance but will need to choose the same type as the original to match the fittings.

Handle or lever

  • Traditional tap designs tend to have a twist mechanism to turn them on and off and often feature the classic four-pronged style or an elegant slim lever
  • Most modern taps have a lever mechanism that you lift to turn the tap on and move from side to side to adjust the temperature

The final choice of tap could come down to bathroom design but lever mechanisms are often easier to use if you or a family member has stiffness or restricted mobility in your hands. Depending on the design of your bathroom suite, it is possible to mix modern and classic styles to best suit your bathroom use.

The majority of modern taps are suitable for use with both high and low pressure water systems and many even come with matching shower heads and valves.  Features such as ceramic disc instead of rubber washers means taps are less prone to drips and water wastage.

Taps may only seem like a small detail but they can make a big difference and the wide range of styles available means it is possible to find something that suits your taste, lifestyle and budget.