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About Us

If you're redecorating your bathroom, or just want to replace your battered old tub, we can help. But there are countless other online bathroom retailers out there, too – so why should you choose us? Well, we like to think it's because we actually care...

Quality, affordable, fast (but we have to say that, don't we?)

Let's get this out of the way first: we sell high quality products. They're reasonably priced. And they're delivered quickly. But all bathroom retailers can brag about that. So let's move on to the things that really matter, shall we?

We care about our customers (that's you!)

We're pretty sure that not all bathroom retailers can brag about this. Our goal has always been to run a business that we would want to buy from ourselves. So naturally, top notch customer service is at the heart of this. It's why we offer a 21-day no quibbles return policy on everything we sell. It's why we train our employees to actually listen to our customers' needs and to help out however they can. And it's why our customers keep coming back. (Love you guys!)

We care about our employees

The thing a lot of business owners don't seem to realise is that it's your employees who make your business what it is. Without reliable, good-natured employees who care about their jobs, you probably won't do very well. So we take good care of our staff, because let's face it: if they didn't like us, they wouldn't care if they did a shoddy job!

We're a small team

And to be honest, we're not interested in growing our business to international heights. Because staying small means we can make sure everything's done properly. We sleep easy in the knowledge that our service is good, that our staff are well looked after, and that our customers are happy.

In short: we're not just another business out to make as much money as possible. We're a business out to make as much difference as possible, with the added bonus of making a living while we're at it.